DCA Digital Digest

DCA Digital Digest: Africa’s mobile banking will be redefined by social media

1. Urgent need to bridge digital divide and share resources

COVID-19 has thrown into stark relief the imperatives to bridge the digital divide and to share resources across Africa. Higher education has a key role to play in advancing both of those goals, including by teaching digital skills and collaborating in postgraduate training and research, according to the World Bank and African Development Bank. READ ON>>



2. Time for Change: COVID-19, Connectivity and Equality

Phone connectivity and internet access should be fundamental rights for all – but today, despite progress, they remain privileges. Almost half the world’s population is still offline; with girls, women and marginalised groups least likely to have access to technology. This was already a dire disadvantage. Now, as the COVID-19 pandemic has moved so many aspects of daily life online, this lack of connectivity has become even more alarming. READ ON>>



3. How do we beat COVID-19 cybercrime? By working together

Cybercrime is a major threat to global prosperity. Even now, in the midst of the worst public health crisis in a century, the cybercriminals just keep at it. An effective response to cybercrime requires exploring many possible courses of action and taking the interests of both the public and private sectors into account. Further, an optimal plan of action should leverage the expertise of both public and private sectors. READ ON>>



4. COVID-19 spurs wave of innovative diagnostics

Coronavirus is instigating new thinking in diagnostics, such as face masks that can detect viruses on a wearer’s breath or paper-based microfluidics for pathogen identification in low-resource settings. By brutally exposing the shortcomings of existing diagnostic technologies and clinical testing infrastructure, COVID-19 is supercharging R&D efforts to establish novel testing approaches that are faster, simpler, cheaper and more scalable than existing methods, and just as accurate. READ ON>>

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