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DCA Digital Digest: Data dominance, and how countries can compete

1. Data dominance, and how countries can compete

Technology benefits those who use it most productively. This sounds trivial, but dominance in technology matters because it can be easily entrenched, perhaps more so in the digital economy than before………Data dominance isn’t a simple question about who is hoovering up the most data. It is also about who dominates the supply of hardware, talent and systems that process the world’s infinite supply of raw information.

2. What will the rise of online shopping in Africa mean for jobs?

Around the world, the new technologies behind digital commerce have reshaped the physical economy of goods and services, as well as employment. Digital commerce – or ecommerce, as it’s still commonly known – has not only disrupted entire sectors like retail and travel, it has also undercut policy approaches to areas such as cross-border taxation.

3. Drone technology holds great promise across Africa. It just needs the right regulations.

Like other novel and emerging technologies, appropriate regulation for drones has left governments worldwide on the back foot: Innovation in multiple sectors from construction and mining, to journalism, humanitarian aid, and agriculture is continually driving new use cases for the technology. In the context of African agriculture, drones have enormous potential that will only be realized with enabling regulation — to promote more widespread use for greater food and nutrition security, and to provide much-needed high-tech jobs.

4. Improving the pathway from school to STEM careers for girls and women

Improving both the quantity and quality of education is pivotal to empowering young people to fulfill their potential. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is critical not only for fulfilling the needs of the future workforce, but also for producing researchers and innovators who can help to solve intractable challenges.

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