eCommerce Consulting

Solid eCommerce background, technical aptitude, and proactive problem management are the characteristics that distinguish competent eCommerce consultants.

Here at DCA, we evolved from eCommerce implementation practitioners into a team with a strong consulting attitude. Introducing our eCommerce consulting services now, we voice out loud – we know how to unlock opportunities for your business to grow revenue with each customer interaction.

A business online presence has never been more in demand. We want to help offline businesses and offer to take them online within 5 weeks.

We’ll clearly define initiatives and next steps for your team or you can rely on our team for implementation. We can take the load off you and your team as much as you need to keep things moving forward efficiently.

Our Consulting Approach: Our eCommerce consulting services go beyond a narrower concept of digital user experience on your website and help you manage effectively the entire experience customers have with your company – from awareness to loyalty.

Consulting Focus at Each Project Step: A consulting attitude goes inherently with our involvement in your business throughout the project life cycle stages.

1. Business analysis

2. Implementation

3. Solution adoption

4. Solution evolution