DCA DIGITAL DIGEST: Check Point’s Latest Cyber-Attack Index Includes Five Countries In Africa

DCA Digital Digest

DCA Digital Digest: How Africans Can Thrive in the Age of Disruption

1. How Africans Can Thrive in the Age of Disruption

Today, African businesses are being shaped by the disruptive forces that are impacting collective global markets. Just one example is speed of the current advancements in technology – such as AI, robotics, autonomous transport, IoT, 3D printing and big data analytics among others.

2. Miss.Africa Celebrates ITU Girls in ICT Day

“Today, it is much easier than yesterday to get involved, you just take the mantle and run with it,…There is vast opportunity out there and waiting for your involvement. From securing employment to being a pioneer in the next new thing…”
Sophia Bekele, Keynote ITU Girls in ICT Day, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

3. As AI shapes the Future of Work, employers focus on human skills and employees crave purpose

As the ability to change becomes a key differentiator for success in a competitive global climate, the challenge for organizations is to bring their people along on the journey, especially as the top ask from employees is for leaders who set clear direction.




4.  Rise of Drones – African Journalists Counter Lies With Tech

Drones and satellites are helping African journalists to expose lies and shed light on underreported issues in largely inaccessible regions. But restrictive regulations threaten their reporting.

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