Miss Africa announces 2018 Seed Funding Tech Initiative for African women

DCA Digital Digest

DCA Digital Digest: Miss.Africa announces 2018 Seed Funding Tech Initiative for African women

In a #SheAppsAfrica Pan-African campaign for year 2017/2018 the pioneering Miss.Africa Digital program is mobilizing the third Round of Miss.Africa Seed Funding, for Tech initiatives throughout Africa.

2. WhatsApp and Facebook are driving Kenya’s fake news cycle

The Reality of Fake News in Kenya report shows that Social media is widely used by Kenyans of all ages to access and share news, with 49% of Kenyans using social platforms to secure general election news.

3. Tanzania’s self-taught coder thrives in tech industry

A young Tanzanian entrepreneur Godfrey Magila is getting global recognition for his rapid growth in the technology field. But things did not start out easy. He won 200 dollars for a project and that project became his company.

4. Amazon beats ICANN on .Amazon gTLD following DCA Trust’s precedent setting case in .Africa IRP!

Amazon.com has become the latest winner in the ICANN Independent Review Process IRP. Amazon was one of the largest applicants for new domain names, but its .brand strategy was slowed down when governments opposed its .amazon application.
5. Somalia launches email for public opinions, advice
Somalia has launched an email address calling on the public to offer advice and opinions to be considered by the government.

6. Mobile money services proving ever popular and growing in much of Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for more than half of all mobile money services worldwide, with 140 active products across the region. Mobile money platforms have evolved beyond money transfer to bill payments and international remittances, among other things.
7. Nigerian Senate decries 21% broadband penetration
The slow pace of Nigeria’s broadband penetration and deployment has become a source of worry to the Senate Committee on Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and Cybercrime.

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