DCA Digital Digest:Nearly 2000 word press websites infected with a key logger

1. Nearly 2000 word press websites infected with a key logger

2. Microsoft issues emergency Windows update in a move to disable Intel’s buggy Spectre fixes

Microsoft has issued another out-of-band security update this month, to deal with the issues around Intel’s Spectre firmware updates.  Intel warned last week that its own security updates have been buggy, causing some systems to spontaneously reboot. Intel then buried a warning in its latest financial results that its buggy firmware updates could lead to “data loss or corruption.”


3. Is Brand Loyalty Dead?

We’ve always been loyal to the best brands but that loyalty seems to be dying a slow death. A new era of consumerism is getting started, this time with the customers calling the shots.




4. ICANN loses Motion for Protective Order for Board Director in LA Court

In the ongoing pretrial motions of the DCA vs ICANN lawsuit, DCA had requested ICANN to produce Mike Silber (“Silber”), an ICANN Board Director from South Africa who ICANN had refused to produce for deposition.  Instead, ICANN sought a protective order from the Court to prevent Mike Silber from being deposed by DCA,  a motion that DCA heavily opposed and ICANN lost the ensuing legal engagement.

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