Getting online is a must for Businesses, said Ms. Bekele to CIO.

<strong><strong id=”sm”>CIO East Africa Managing Editor Zachary Ochieng spoke  to Sophia Bekele, Founder and Executive Director, DotConnect Africa  (DCA) on the organisation’s role and businesses should take advantage of  fibre optic cables.</strong></strong>

Ms. Bekele said, “the role of DCA was launched to support the “.Africa”  initiative, while at the same time there was a need to address the  Internet governance policy gaps that exist between Africa and the rest  of the world”.   ” We think the “.Africa” name will assist in building  an African brand primarily to contribute to economic growth.

Read Full Press Release <a title=”CIO east Africa Interviews Sophia Bekele” href=”http://prlog.org/10701844″ target=”_blank”>http://prlog.org/10701844</a>

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