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Representing CBSegroup at the FII PRIORITY 2-day summit in Rio de Janeiro

Representing #CBSegroup, a North American affiliate of #DotConnectAfricagroup, our CEO, Sophia Bekele, was privileged to participate in the Inaugural edition of the FII PRIORITY 2-day summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This exclusive event, held from June 11 to 13, 2024, provided a unique platform for global leaders to share insights and foster collaboration.

Rio de Janeiro, also known as the “Marvelous City,” is becoming a significant player in the Latin American economy and is preparing to host the G20 Summit.  This prestigious event, hosted by the Future Investment Initiative Institute, brought together influential investors, business leaders, heads of state, and creative minds from the realms of sports and the arts.

The summit’s theme “Invest in Dignity,” strongly resonated with our company’s mission. The focus on key pillars, including Ecological Transition, Tech, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Social Inclusion & Governance of a New Global Order, emphasized the crucial importance of nurturing and protecting global citizens’ dignity. “I found the summit theme personally inspiring,” said Sophia. “I wholeheartedly support FII’s approach that ‘ensuring global citizens’ dignity is nurtured and protected stands as a pivotal global objective and is inextricably intertwined with sustainable development and economic prosperity’. My interactions with esteemed industry experts and thought leaders have given me fresh insights, innovative ideas, and meaningful connections that will further our company’s mission.

“In the wise words of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, “We all want to make the world capable of welcoming all its inhabitants with dignity – and not just a privileged minority.” The theme, “Invest in Dignity,” underscores the importance of investing in climate-conscious action, the most powerful new technologies, and equitable solutions as the foundational seed from which a dignified world for all will grow.

Looking ahead, we are excited about contributing to FII Priority’s efforts to make a positive impact on global societies. :earth_americas::seedling::bulb: #FIIPriority #Rio2024 #Innovation #Sustainability #FutureInvestmentInitiative #GlobalLeadership


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