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Miss.afrique Yes2dotafrica campaign, Dakar Senegal

Miss.africa: The miss.africa digital program is a gender-focused initiative targeted mainly at female youth audiences in Africa to increase their personal involvement in early technology use and adoption with a view to improving their digital self-awareness and empowerment, and overall self-esteem. It was inspired mainly by the DNS Women’s group of ICANN.

The “Miss.Africa” digital program is envisioned as one of the central pillars of DCA’s corporate social responsibility program and was first launched and publicized during the ICANN gala event in Singapore and continued in Dakar. It is aimed at attracting more young girls and women to the Internet platform to enable them form a sizable demographic of Internet users in Africa, thereby involving them in complementary gender development initiatives that improve the lives of young girls and women.

Miss.africa in Singapore:

From such inspirations as the DNS Women’s group of ICANN and other international organizations such as ITU, stem DCA’s “Miss.africa” digital program which DCA had the very important opportunity of introducing and publicizing during the ICANN gala in Singapore. Miss.africa as part of DCA’s DotAfrica vision is an effort aimed at inspiring girls and women in technology for personal growth, positive action, and digital self-awareness with funding to be provided from DCA’s charitable trust fund. Miss.africa is envisioned as one of the central pillars of DCA’s corporate social responsibility program. Read more

DotAfrica Music

“.africa” music & dance performance by DCA

Miss.africa in Dakar

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Miss.Africa : Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program for Women
and Girls

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