2018 Malware Forecast: learning from the long summer of ransomware

DCA Digital Digest

DCA Digital Digest: 2018 Malware Forecast: learning from the long summer of ransomware

In 2017, attackers developed new ransomware delivery techniques, leading to global outbreaks such as WannaCry, NotPetya and, most recently, Bad Rabbit. It’s a trend that’s expected to continue in the next year, according to the 2018 Malware Forecast released by Sophos

2. Veza app launches in South Africa to replace business cards

Veza, a networking and business card replacement app, announced on Thursday 2 November 2017 that the app has launched in South Africa and is aiming to make it easier to follow up with new contacts from business events.

3. Internet Solutions launches an advisory arm to help firms in Kenya to mitigate cyber risk

Internet Solutions Kenya has introduced an enterprise security solution to help enterprises mitigate, secure and ensure continuity for businesses.Dubbed the Proactive cyber security solution, the suite will enable businesses to ramp up their cyber security landscape through creating a safer and more secure cyberspace, establishing a coordinated approach to the prevention of cybercrime, ensuring operational compliance, skills development, business resilience and training.

4. Platform-a disruptive innovation to tackle unemployment and job creation in Africa

Platform is a unique online destination for projects, services and employment opportunities across Africa. It serves as a gateway for both job advertisers and job seekers; connecting qualified blue-collar and white-collar professionals with employers.

5. UNESCO LearningCities2017: Sophia Bekele Spoke on Learning throughout life For Sustainable Development of Cities

Lifelong Learning on sustainable Development of cities has benefits that include addressing inequalities in the various sectors of the economy, providing beneficiaries with the opportunity and know-how to pilot SMEs through entrepreneurship, enabling job creation through innovations and creativity, enabling beneficiaries to obtain employment in the formal sector.

6. Ugandan Sign Language App Created to Ease Communication

The Uganda National association of the Deaf launched a mobile application dubbed UGsign Mobile,in partnership with SPIDER, a Swedish programme for ICT in developing regions, to make learning of sign language accessible via digital platforms.

7. The digital world is not only a man’s world

With many different organizations that have a focus on enlightening women and training young women in STEM, in a few years, women will be more knowledgeable in the digital sphere and begin to lead different technical companies.

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