Researchers discover security vulnerability in home IOT appliances

DCA Digital Digest

DCA Digital Digest: Researchers discover security vulnerability in home IOT appliances

HomeHack is a vulnerability that exposed millions of users of LG SmartThinQ smart home devices to the risk of unauthorised remote control of their SmartThinkQ home appliances. Once in control of a specific user’s LG account, any LG device or appliance associated with that account could be controlled by the attacker

2. How safe is online shopping?

As with any popular online activity, e-commerce has captured the attention of cyber crooks. Cybercriminals are now likened to pickpockets. They go where they can find the crowds, and this is why online transactions are becoming a popular target.

3. What is ransomware and how do I protect my PC from Petya and Bad Rabbit?

Ransomware stops you from accessing any files on the ‘infected’ computer until you pay the ransom. Here we explain what you need to do to protect your precious data.The latest malware is being called Bad Rabbit and, according to Kaspersky, is targeting both consumers and businesses. So far it has observed attacks in Russia and Ukraine.

4. The digital bank – delivering on Africa’s potential

While cash is still dominant, the shift to digital banking increasingly is becoming the driving force across our continent. It is no secret that Africa’s high mobile phone penetration, expected to rise to 85% by 2020

5. Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing the true potential of this revolutionary force

AI could become a powerful lever with which to effect meaningful, lasting social change. Governments and businesses share the responsibility to ensure that AI leads to greater equality and access to opportunity.

6. How this twin founders are making online content distribution very easy for writers and musicians

Chidi and Chika Nwaogu are the brains behind startup Publiseer, an online book and music (digital) distribution company. It is important to note that they are solving a salient problem and doing it for free too.

7. It’s a worth course to venture

It is a worth course to venture, it is such flexible in whatever fields thus being the epicenter of other professionals. It is rocking the world, moving it to the next level of modernization day after day. I highly implore many to not only join but also change the world positively with it.

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