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DCA Digital Digest: Net Neutrality is Finally Dead and there is Little to Expect

1.Net Neutrality is Finally Dead and there is Little to Expect

After months of delays, the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality finally took effect. But if you’re expecting broadband providers to suddenly feast on their customers and institute every now-legal impediment they can on free expression, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. What comes next isn’t internet hell but legal purgatory.

2. Africa’s youth poised to drive innovation

It is predicted that within a period of three generations, 41 per cent of the world’s youth will be Africans. It is also expected that by 2030, Africa’s labour force will be larger than China’s and larger than India’s by 2035. So it comes as no surprise that the combination of Africa’s youth and technological innovation, which the youth are known to take up enthusiastically, is a potent contender for great things for the continent.

3. Kenya’s Boxlight Electronics is the first to accept Bitcoin payment in Kenya

A Kenyan company Boxlight Electronics has gone ahead to become the first electronic shop to adopt Bitcoin payment in Kenya for its products. The company which deals in the sale and distribution of Televisions, Home theatres and home appliances says Bitcoin as payment is becoming a must-have for companies that sell products online.


4. Bridging digital divide through analogue technology

According to a World Bank report, for digital technologies to benefit everyone everywhere, there is need to bridge digital divide, especially in internet access, greater digital adoption will not be enough. The report further suggest that in order for a country to get the most out of the digital revolution, it must work on the “analog complements”.

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