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DCA Digital Digest: Infrastructure, investment, innovation: how Africa is accelerating digital transformation

1. Infrastructure, investment, innovation: how Africa is accelerating digital transformation

In several African countries, the digital economy is becoming one of the main drivers of growth, accounting for more than 5 percent of the GDP. “Africa is seen as the world’s fastest growing telecommunications market,In sum, national and continental momentum is accelerating to bring the fruits of the digital revolution to African citizens, communities, and organisations across the board.

2. Is Africa cyber-crime-savvy?

Africa needs to be better prepared for both cyber-dependent crimes, in which new computer-based technologies form the basis of new crimes, and cyber-enabled crimes, in which new technologies are used to commit old-style crimes, such as money laundering.




3. The future of AI research is in Africa

In the last few years, the machine-learning community has blossomed, applying the technology to challenges like food security and health care. Despite the odds, the African machine-learning community has blossomed over the last few years. In 2013, a local group of industry practitioners and researchers began Data Science Africa, an annual workshop for sharing resources and ideas.


4. Lessons to ensure technology is a force for good for Africa’s farmers

As revealed in The Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report, a large number of players make up this young market, with at least 390 distinct digital ventures in operation across sub-Saharan Africa. Of this, only 15 companies have reached a million users or more, with the majority finding the most success in bundling multiple services together.

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