The Spark: How to Manage Millennials vs. Gen Z in the Workplace

THE  SPARK: How to Manage Millennials vs. Gen Z in the Workplace With today’s multigenerational workforce, leaders can’t operate with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Technology, the economy, education systems, parenting styles, and more impact how employees learn, communicate and work. By… Continue Reading…


DCA Digital Digest

DCA Digital Digest: Be Cyber Smart! International Cyber Security Awareness Month ?

Join DotConnectAfrica in celebration of Cyber Security Awareness Month October is International Cybersecurity Awareness Month. To help raise awareness, DotConnectAfrica Group is doing everything it can this month to help those cyber experts keep pace. We would like to invite you… Continue Reading…

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Open-Source Vulnerabilities

Open-source vulnerabilities are security risks contained within or created by open-source components. These vulnerabilities can stem from a variety of sources, including poorly written code, and a lack of security functionalities. Proprietary software involves a central design by an organization… Continue Reading…

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Computer security

Computer security refers to protecting and securing computers and their related data, networks, software, and hardware from unauthorized access, misuse, theft, information loss, and other security issues. Computer security deals with the protection of computer systems and information from harm,… Continue Reading…

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