The Spark: How to Manage Millennials vs. Gen Z in the Workplace


How to Manage Millennials vs. Gen Z in the Workplace

With today’s multigenerational workforce, leaders can’t operate with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Technology, the economy, education systems, parenting styles, and more impact how employees learn, communicate and work. By assuming all younger-generation employees Generation Y (millennials) and Generation Z  exhibit the same characteristics, employers are missing the mark for effective leadership. The most successful leaders have a clear understanding of their employees’ various workplace expectations and learning styles.  >>READ MORE

It’s time to Rethink and Disprove a Myth About Women in STEM:

The argument used to be that women were simply biologically less capable. Now it’s that they’re less interested. Both are wrong. Those who argued that women are biologically less capable in the STEM fields are highly disappointed, Now that women are outnumbering men in many scientific and medical fields, outperforming males on many standardized STEM tests, and receiving larger numbers of higher degrees of all sorts than men worldwide, hard-liners have moved away from such assertions in favor of the claim that women are biologically wired to find less joy in STEM or are simply less interested in it.  >>READ MORE

Africa Involves Women in Peace, Security Issues

The East Africa and South region peace and security committees have been urged to come up with a national action plan of policies and laws that will involve women in peace and security issues. This was revealed by the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Group Mr. Amon Mpanju during the commemorations of World Peace Day that was held in Dar es Salaam last month.  >>READ MORE


PASSION VS MONEY: Should you choose a Job you love or one that pays?

Passion vs. money this is an internal debate that everyone has at some point in their life. On one side, you probably hear parents, relatives, or even strangers telling you to be realistic and find a job that pays well. But on the other side, there are friends or even TED talks of successful people telling you that “following your passion is the secret of success.” And, only naturally, you feel confused and anxiously question whether you should follow your passion blindly with little chance to get money from it or choose a career that you don’t even like just because the job itself seems promising for your future. >>READ MORE 

Benefits of Choosing a Career You Love:

  1. Career growth: – Growth in a career is more probable when the job consists of things that motivate you. You will be looking for more creative ways to do your job.
  2. Being passionate about Work – Being passionate is directly linked to being productive.
  3. Better health – How much you enjoy your job primarily affects your mental health, doing something you don’t like will eventually start to consume you.   >>READ MORE

Disadvantages of Choosing a Career that you love:

  1. Passions can change-  Although this is not always the case, for many people, passions change over time, especially if they have roots in their early years.
  2. Money- Another risk you will be taking is that your dream job may not be compatible with the market.
  3. Your passion might turn into a job- This is a big risk when you start pursuing your dream.  >>READ MORE


Six trends shaping the future of work in 2022 and Beyond
The millennials, technologies, globalization, mobility, new attitudes.The employment scene is changing at an ever faster rate and it is vital to know and understand these changes. Companies can no longer afford the luxury of waiting to see what happens. Anyone who waits before taking the plunge will fail.
  • Managerial tasks will be automated.
  • Remote tools will advance.
  • The office is not dead yet.
  • Employee Wellness will be a metric.
  • Employee turnover might continue to increase.
  • Rise and adoption of flexible workspaces.  >>READ MORE



DotconnectAfrica sponsored by Digital Academy, in Conjunction with Fempower, is excited to inform you that we will be hosting the 7th series of WebForum in this timely conversation focusing on Finding a long-term solution to curb Cybercrimes in the digital sphere: A Global Perspective as we celebrate the International Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) by highlighting the importance of cybersecurity with this year’s theme being “See yourself in Cyber” under the campaign #BeCyberSmart.

Forum is scheduled to take place on 28th October 2022, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EAT.  >>READ MORE

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