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About us

The DotConnectAfrica (DCA) group is a leading panAfrican organization that is championing Internet of Things (IoT) across Africa and through its highly acclaimed CSR impact program, DCA provides leadership in assisting women-led tech initiatives throughout Africa.

Formed with an objective to advance education in the digital economy in the African society, in connection with this objective, DCA intends to benefit the general African public access to have access to Internet resources, as well as branding of Africa on the Internet.

Post its inception twelve years ago, DCA has progressively reorganized and adopted a very unique integrative model of Internet-centered digital products and service offerings encompassing web related services, to include Digital Marketing, DNS business, eCommerce Mobile apps, using an integrated digital social media platform to service its Clients and stakeholders.

In addition, through its Digital Academy, DCA sponsors and runs a Tech Booth Camp for youth. On a yearly basis, DCA also runs a competitive Seed-Fund Impact Award Program, to women-led organizations throughout Africa to encourage the involvement of women and girls in STEM fields, innovation, training and Leadership. Currently DCA has launched its Seed-Fund impact program in 12 African countries.

DotConnectAfrica Group encourages all stakeholders to participate in our work, in particular the African Diaspora

What we do

DCA Digital Academy

DCA Digital Academy was established to provide training More

DCA WebForum

DCA WebForums serves as a PanAfrican platform, intended as meeting and networking opportunities for executives and business leaders. More


eCommerce brings Africa's largest market place at the touch of a button More

Digital Marketing

DCA is the ultimate one-stop shop offering digital marketing solutions in Africa, driving results through world-class integrated strategies. More

DotAfrica Mobile

DotAfrica.Mobi is a portal for all the African and global mobile enabled More

Miss.Africa Digital

Miss.africa digital program is a gender-focused initiative targeted mainly More


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DCA DNS offers the best Domain Business tools that include More


DotAfrica.TV is a New Media platform for all the African and global videos More

DCA Initiatives

Miss.Africa, Generation.Africa, Yes2DotAfrica More


The DotConnectAfrica Global Strategic Advisory Leadership Group More

Our Mission


The opportunity of branding the African continent though empowering and enabling youth to be able to utilize the benefits of the internet


We provide the tools and skills to foster leadership, entrepreneurships and also connecting youth and women to innovation highways


We believe that students will become productive citizens when challenged and mentored in leadership, entrepreneurship problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Decades of Africa

Digital transformation

From championing the .Africa gTLD to a successful Yes2DotAfrica campaign, DCA is leading the quest to transform Africa and harness the potential of African people through different initiatives using technology.

Presence in more than 12 countries

We have presence in various countries across Africa through our empower and educate programs. Our focus is to help develop solutions to assist African people and economies through digital transformation.

Driving the African Agenda

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