“.africa” music & dance performance by DCA

DotConnectAfrica released the video of it’s exclusive “.africa” song and performance it hosted during the launch of ‘yes2dotafrica’ campaign in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Dotafrica panel, which was part of the summit opening, attracted the largest gathering of internet experts and technical community in East Africa, to hear the new African initiative, namely “.africa” and its contribution to an ICT enabled environment in Africa.

Finally, the forum at AITEC ended by DotConnectAfrica hosting the famous local Sarakasi dancers and the famous local singer, radio personality Patricia Wangechi Kihoro, also composer of the “It is time for dotafrica” song, co-edited by DCA.

Watch the DotAfrica song “It’s time for DotAfrica” below:

Read Press Release on “.africa” music and dance performance by DCA

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