Africa’s Leadership say Efficient Private Sector Key to Transforming African Economy

The Vanguard newspaper from Lagos reported on a recent AU/UNECA conference with the theme – “Governing Development in Africa” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It is noteworthy that the governance model of DCA is a consortium of public-private partnership and an economic regional integration agenda that has been championed across Africa for the past 2 years. DCA’s model dovetails (or keys into) the new socio-economic development paradigms being discussed for Africa by our Endorsing Parties (ECA and AU, including Ethiopia, and perhaps by many African governments and stakeholders that were not quoted by the Vanguard article, but gave DCA endorsement).


Please refer to the following links to get more details on DCA and see the article below –

DCA’s governance model: http://www.dotconnectafrica.com/about/governanace/

DCA”s 3 key principles for championing “.africa”:


So far DCA, even in its initial stages has met, if not exceeded, Africa’s expectations, but we still have a lot to do… support our “yes2dotAfrica” campaign below.

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