Alice Munyau: trying to legitimize a massive cover-up and Fraud

Misrepresenting a non-Community TLD application as the official AUC-sponsored .AFRICA gTLD application for the African Community

Alice – You should resign from any official government positions and all Committee posts that you presently occupy including the ICANN GAC

In the above YouTube Video interview at ICANN 44 Prague, Alice Munyau made the following statements which DCA transcribed after watching the video on YouTube:

  1. Alice by her own admission “I have not read the ICANN Applicant’s Guidebook, i.e she has no truthful understanding of the ICANN new gTLD requirements, despite.
  2. Alice claims to be the Chairperson of the Kenyan Internet Governance Steering Committee under the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kenya, and says “I have supported the DotAfrica application – the legitimate one”.
  3. Alice also claims that her Ministry supported the application because, in her own words: “the new gTLD Guidebook requires thatfor a geographic string that you have community support– and in our case, this translates to the number of governments60 per cent of governments supporting that application, being a geographic name.”
  4. In attempting to explain further, Alice also mentioned that: when it comes to applying for a geographic string or a geographic TLD, you have to have support from the community, and the community here actually translates into government, the Internet community, and other stakeholders.
  5. Furthermore, Alice tried to explain why the African Union Commission application is “the legitimate one” in her own words: “because it is the only organization that brings together the African member states and that has the mandate to represent African member states in these matters, and so it is the only one we recognize as the legitimate one because our Ministers have actually written and supported that application through the African Union Commission. We were not approached by the other one, so we have no idea what the other one is about – and that is why it is quite clear to us which is the correct one.”

Alice finally ended her ludicrous self-exposé interview by admitting that she has NOT looked at the Applicant Guidebook in detail.


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Alice Munyau:  Read ICANN’s Guidebook First before Misrepresenting and Distorting Facts to the African Public

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