“Brains behind .africa” reports Diplomat East Africa

Diplomat East Africa, a premium political and economic monthly news magazines of East Africa, unveils Bekele’s plan for a digital Africa, including the chronicle behind the endorsement process, the birth of “generation.africa“, and the benefits of the “dotafrica” project to the continent.

Responding to Mwangi’s question to the specific endorsement pSophia Bekele in Nairobi ECAprocess for DotConnectAfrica initiative, namely the African Union (AU) and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Sophia stated, “I first approached the ECA in 2006 and then finally got our endorsement in 2008.

In fact, as ECA also have a mandate to coordinate their policies with AU, they assisted in identifying the appropriate unit for us at the AU to purse the same. We then approached AU, the Director of Infrastructure at the time and submitted our proposal. Concurrently, in 2007 we submitted our “dotafrica” proposal for support with ITU in Geneva and the African office in Ethiopia. ITU then turned over the proposal for the AU to do a study. Discussions took place with the African Union Commission (AUC) and eventually recommendations were put forward to the Chairman’s office for support, resulting in a letter endorsing the project by the Chairman’s office in August 2009.”

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