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Making the Internet a safer place

As our world becomes more dependent on critical digital services, the industry has become more aware of the importance of going the extra mile to help make the Internet a better place to be. Cyber attacks are becoming more and… Continue Reading…

Common Types of Computer Crimes

Blogcyber security

Common Types of Computer Crimes

Cybercrime is a growing threat, with the number of attacks. Criminal activity occurs not in the streets, but behind a computer screen and it has become a big problem. Cybercrime is committed by cybercriminals or hackers who want to make… Continue Reading…

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DCA Digital Digest: Tech Innovations to track locust swarm in Africa

1. Startups growth in Africa    In a period of two years, Adanian Labs has grown beyond Kenya, by establishing a presence in Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, and Nigeria, some of the biggest startup and tech hubs in Africa. It is… Continue Reading…

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Strengthening cybersecurity

Pandemic has organisations thinking about better ways to consolidate and manage cybersecurity needs. Check Point Research reported a 40% increase in cyber-attacks in 2021, with one out of every 61 organisations being affected by ransomware each week. The last two… Continue Reading…

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#CBSegroup a North America affiliate of #DotConnectAfricagroup participated in the RSA annual cyber security conference a four-day event!

It is the world’s leading information security conference and exposition which was held at The Moscone Center in San Francisco.  We were able to hear from  RSA experts, customers, and partners, and to also discuss current and future concerns and… Continue Reading…

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DCA Digital Digest: Africa Tech to compete with Apple😉

1. A Tech entrepreneur from Benin designed a smartwatch and laptop poised to compete with Apple. Imagine an African smartwatch produced in the Republic of Benin! It has the very same basic functionalities as an Apple Watch or a Samsung Smartwatch.… Continue Reading…

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Why 5G is the way forward in Africa

Chris Green, our Chief Editor had a conversation with Sanjeev Verma, CEO of Squire Technologies. Based on the south coast of England Squire Technologies has spent over two decades providing core network signaling solutions to CSPs and operators all over the… Continue Reading…

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Within the context of this security-focused discussion, digital deprivation in South Africa is characterized by the following: Lower rates of digital literacy: Studies have underscored the importance of digital and technology literacy in terms of personal cyber risk mitigation. Marginalized… Continue Reading…

Tech News, Innovations and Insights.

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Tech News, Innovations and Insights.

Tech News, Innovations and Insights. DCA Digital Digest: Curated Tech News, Innovations and Insights. Why artificial intelligence will address the problems of water efficiency in agriculture Precision agriculture and the AI revolution The importance of reducing water use is of… Continue Reading…


Celebrating ITU Girls in ICT Day, Miss.Africa Digital Ambassadors speak

April 25, 2019 – “Historically African women have been the pillar of strength throughout Africa and the Diaspora. Without examining the contributions made by African women throughout the ages, the full story of the African experience and struggle cannot be… Continue Reading…

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