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DCA Digital Digest: Forget passwords. Apple, Google, and Microsoft say you won’t need them at all in the future.

1. Forget passwords. Apple, Google, and Microsoft say you won’t need them at all in the future.

Big Tech behemoths Apple, Google, and Microsoft have announced plans to kill off passwords.

The tech giants revealed on Thursday – which, coincidentally, happens to be World Password Day – a commitment to support a new, common passwordless sign-in standard across all their platforms and devices.

Passwordless sign-in may already be familiar to iPhone or Android users, who can use facial scans or fingerprints to authenticate payments and sign in to apps.


2. AI pioneer says its threat to world may be “more urgent” than climate change.

LONDON, May 5 (Reuters) – Artificial intelligence could pose a “more urgent” threat to humanity than climate change, AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton told Reuters in an interview on Friday.

Geoffrey Hinton, widely known as one of the “godfathers of AI”, recently announced he had quit Alphabet (GOOGL.O) after a decade at the firm, saying he wanted to speak out on the risks of the technology without it affecting his former employer.


3. Banks warn of big increase in online scams.

Banks have warned of a large increase in fraud in 2022, with much of this originating online.

Barclays told the BBC that 77% of scams are now happening on social media, online marketplaces, and dating apps.

TSB said a large increase in cases of impersonation, investment and purchase fraud were the main drivers of this.

It found impersonation scams on WhatsApp had tripled in a year, while fake listings on Facebook Marketplace had doubled.

And it said there have been “huge fraud spikes” on platforms owned by Meta, such as WhatsApp and Facebook.


4. Google I/O 2023: all the news from Google’s big developer event

Each year at its annual developer conference, Google shows off the future of its biggest products — and this year, the company has got a whole lot to show.

Google I/O 2023 is expected to have a heavy focus on AI as Google shows what comes next for its chatbot, Bard, and speaks to what other generative tech it’s building to keep up with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and other competitors that are racing into the space.


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