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Our CEO, Sophia, represented DCA Group at the High-Level FII Priority Meeting in South Miami Beach, Florida.

This two-day forum held on February 22nd and 23rd, 2022, provided an opportunity for networking and informative sessions. The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including influential entrepreneurs, global CEOs, US politicians discussing the 2024 elections, and celebrities.

The event showcased several remarkable initiatives and facilitated discussions on big ideas, opinions, technology forecasts, and the impact of AI across various industries. The conference offered valuable takeaways that were informative and thought-provoking.  “The high-end dining and entertainment, along with the opportunity to make new connections, made the event even more enjoyable”, shared Sophia.

The forum venue, #feonaforum, was an Argentinian-inspired location that provided an excellent platform for social networking. Sophia noted that Miami is a vibrant business environment and a global hub, making it the Dubai of the Western Hemisphere.

Sophia graciously thanked #fiipriority for the invitation, saying, ” Thank you. I had a wonderful time.” and suggested she would say more about the event on her YouTube podcast at @slantbysophiabekele

Source:  CEO Linkedin

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