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#CBSegroup a North America affiliate of #DotConnectAfricagroup participated in the RSA annual cyber security conference a four-day event!

It is the world’s leading information security conference and exposition which was held at The Moscone Center in San Francisco.  We were able to hear from  RSA experts, customers, and partners, and to also discuss current and future concerns and have access to the experts, unbiased content, and ideas that help enable individuals and companies to advance their cybersecurity posture and build stronger and smarter teams.  Both in-person and online, RSAC brings the cybersecurity industry together and empowers the collective “we” to stand against cyberthreats around the world.  The event had Lecture-style presentations covering a broad range of topics delivered by RSAC experts, builders, customers, and partners. The Experts lead us through problems and solutions on a digital

“Always happy to be part of the SWAT team that plays a role in catching the bad guys or helping the good guys that is the role of cyber security and always be proud and privileged to be part of this amazing industry of professionals. It has come a long way into such a huge and relevant industry. Amazing, technology I saw this week and I managed to meet my long-time friends also along with others. Thanks, RSAC for the invite and fantastic Expo”. _ Sophia Bekele

It was such an amazing experience.

Thank you for the opportunity.

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