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DCA Commentary: “Yes2dotafrica” Campaign Votes NO to AfTLD

AfTLD is asking“African Union” to get a mandate to run “.africa” registry.

  • This is equivalent to AfTLD attempting an illegal coup d’etat against DotConnectAfrica (DCA) efforts
  • “.africa” has already been endorsed by African Union to DCA since 2009.
  • AfTLD does not have the mandate to do “.africa” gTLD. They are associations of ccTLDs.
  • ccTLD organization running a gTLD will mean stifling competition as there will be a Conflict of Interest in their mandates.

AfTLD does not have the technical and institutional capacity to run a continental project such as “.africa” Top Level Domain.


Going after AU endorsement constitutes Damage to DCA not FAIR Competition


Past Board of Directors of AfriNic are influencing the process of endorsement for African Union i.e to unfairly assist the AfTLD, in order to benefit themselves.

There is no Transparency, Accountability and Equity in the set up of the African Union Taskforce.

  • The Task Force was constituted after DCA’s endorsement, “EXCULDING” DCA
  • African Union has placed DCA’s rival competition as its Task Force advisors, which means ZERO accountability
  • The same people who are on taskforce are evaluating and awarding to themselves
  • The Task Force is a sham set-up designed to work against the Interest of DCA


The GAMEKEEPER is also the POACHER!!!
Wolves preying on DCA!

Stop the continuous conflict on “.africa”

Stop the crime against DCA

Vote NO to AfTLD at this link

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