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DCA Digital Digest: Africa aims to get more girls to embrace STEM

1. Africa aims to get more girls to embrace STEM

Education officials from selected Anglophone countries in Africa are meeting in the Rwandan capital Kigali to explore ways to get more girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The forum, which ends Friday, was organized by the UN’s education agency UNESCO under the theme “Cracking the code: Quality, Gender-Responsive STEM Education.”

2. Why TIME’s 2019 Tech Optimists Are Upbeat About Silicon Valley’s Future

As data breaches, misuse of personal information and the spread of disinformation erode the public’s trust in Silicon Valley, it can be all too easy to become cynical about technology’s impact on the world. But there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic about tech’s role in society moving forward.




3. Disruptive Agriculture Technology Moonshot—Ready for Lift Off in Sub-Saharan Africa?

What will it take to bring a radical transformation in the agriculture sector of SSA countries? How can we unlock its untapped potential, achieve a hunger free region, and ensure growth and prosperity for all smallholder farmers? Can disruptive agriculture technologies (D4Ag) be a catalyst to transform agriculture and solve the multiple challenges facing SSA farmers today?

4. Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution leave women behind?

AI is used today in everything from face and speech recognition technologies to image analysis software. It’s also a cornerstone of self-driving cars and advanced robotics. Part of this “revolution’s” promise is that AI and similar technologies will be used to drive economic growth, development and positive societal change. But critical inquiry is urgently needed to gauge what effects the fourth industrial revolution is having and will have on vulnerable, marginalised populations.

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