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DCA Digital Digest: Africa must embrace digital infrastructure governance. PPPs can help

1. Africa must embrace digital infrastructure governance. PPPs can help

Africa stands at a decisional threshold regarding the development of sustainable digital infrastructure. These are exactly the kind of partnerships that will help drive Africa into the digital infrastructure sector, as its leaders aim to bridge the continent’s fragmented economic development space and help landlocked countries benefit from pan-African economic growth.

2. We Need STEAM, Not STEM Education, To Prepare Our Kids For The 4th Industrial Revolution

We are at the beginning of a 4th industrial revolution and educators are faced with preparing a generation of students for many jobs that don’t even exist yet. Since the term STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) was coined back in 2001, there has been growing interest in this learning philosophy to better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. However, to adequately prepare the future workforce, another acronym is gaining popularity: STEAM, which adds arts to the mix. READ ON>>

3. Phishing still a top cyber security risk in Africa: Study

Email remains one of the most successful forms of cyber attack, the report says. People are quick to click on links or attachments sent to them from people who they know, not realising that cyber criminals have potentially hacked or spoofed (impersonated) their friend’s, colleague’s or suppliers’ systems to spread malware, or launch other forms of attacks. Cyber criminals can easily mimic contact lists or use email addresses that look as if they’ve come from trusted institutions, and a simple click can unleash a ransomware attack that can hold an entire company, government or home hostage.

4. IoT traffic is taking over; 5G, WiFi 6 are ascending

If the industry needed more evidence that IoT devices and applications are taking over the world, b 2023 machine-to-machine communications will make up 50% or about 14.7 billion of all networked connections compared to 33% (6.1 billion) in 2018 and 3.1 percent in 2017..




5. Artificial Intelligence in Africa is a Double-edged Sword

African states are therefore facing pressures to deliver services to rapidly growing metropolitan areas while simultaneously improving performance on issues. Machine learning and associated computer-facilitated governance support has been described as the fourth industrial revolution. It could also be a useful tool for augmenting state capacity in weak and fragile state contexts. As with many disruptive technologies, however, AI can be used for positive or negative ends. Delivering the promise of positive AI will require good systems of governance

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