Africa's transformation is contingent on innovation, says Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta


DCA Digital Digest: Africa’s transformation is contingent on innovation, says Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta

While Africa may not have large innovation hubs like Silicon Valley, Innovation is critical for economic development, and African public institutions need to play a greater role.


2. What the Robot Age Means for Africa

About 67 percent of South Africa’s jobs are highly susceptible to automation, according to a recent Oxford University study. That figure is 65 percent for Nigeria, and 85 percent for Ethiopia.

3. East Africa’s telecommunication experts discuss increasing

internet access

Only 18 per cent of the African continent are connected to the internet, the lowest rate in the world, compared to 78 per cent in Europe and 81 per cent in North America. However, internet penetration has increased significantly.

4. AFC looks for solutions to fill Africa’s infrastructure development


For Africa to reach its fullest economic potential, its leaders have to find ways to enable infrastructure development and encourage public and private sector collaboration.

5. Rwanda in push towards developing cashless economy

Rwanda is racing against time to beat it’s 2020 deadline on having a smart city. Part of that deadline includes having a cashless economy in three years time.

6. Cameroon’s Cardiopad inventor wins African engineering award

Cameroonian inventor Arthur Zang has won a £25,000 ($37,000) prize for his device Cardiopad, a tablet computer that takes a reading and sends it to a heart specialist.

7. What Exactly is the Internet of Things in the African Context?

Agriculture, Africa’s largest economic sector, is likely to be central to the growth of the Internet of Things on the continent. Security is the single biggest challenge facing its growth.

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