DCA Digital Digest: Happy Holidays! Tech Gift ideas

1. Happy Holidays; Tech gift ideas that will blow your mind
It’s that season of the year again when we share gifts with our family, friends and loved ones. If the recipient of your gifts is a sucker for tech gifts, we understand how pesky it can be to decide on an appropriate gift for them.  READ MORE »

2. Miss.Africa Digital a.k.a Fempower Seed-Fund Award 2022 winners 
Congratulations to Miss.Africa Digital a.k.a Fempower Seed-Fund Impact Award 2022 Winners. Miss.Africa Digital a.k.a Fempower Initiative led by DCA Academy has announced its fifth round Seed-Fund Winners in Africa.  The winners include: Based on Science Guidance and Technology (BSGT) from South Africa, Pamtech Designs and Systems from Zimbabwe, and The Clicking Generation from Botswana. The program has now been in 15 African nations and has impacted over 10,000 women and girls, including the youth under DCA Corporate Boot Camp sponsored by the DCA Academy. READ MORE »

3. Metaverse exploitation and abuse to rise in 2023

Malware, ransomware attacks and phishing are not the only scourges of the crypto industry as the Metaverse could become a big target next year, according to cybersecurity experts.

In its “Consumer Cyberthreats: Predictions for 2023” report on Nov. 28, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky forewarned that there will be greater exploitation of the Metaverse due to lacking data protection and moderation rules. READ MORE »


4. Mozilla acquires Active Replica to build on its metaverse vision

Active Replica will support Mozilla’s ongoing work with Hubs, the latter’s VR chatroom service and open-source project. Specifically, he sees the Active Replica team working on personalized subscription tiers, improving the onboarding experience and introducing new interaction capabilities in Hubs.  READ MORE »

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