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DCA Digital Digest: New technologies can be a force for good in Africa if they’re developed from the ground

Sub-Saharan Africa is at a point where new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) could present both opportunities and threats to development. But civil society, governments and international organisations need to make sure that everyone benefits from these technologies – not just elites.


2. Here’s why Africa needs to invest in home-grown science

For too long, scientific priorities for Africa were determined by people far removed from the challenges faced by the continent. This is changing. African scientists now play a crucial role in fighting hunger and poverty, and achieving sustainable economic growth for the continent. More and more African leaders have publicly committed to investing more in home-grown science, technology and education. However, much remains to be done. Investment levels are still nowhere near their targets, mainly due to scarce resources and competing priorities.


3. Entrepreneurs take the wheel in Africa’s development

Entrepreneurship in Africa is now front and centre of development efforts after spending years as the poor cousin of corporate employment. Global multinationals are now paying attention to what was once a sub-culture of people trying to forge their own path in alternative economic enterprises and activities.



4. Abandoned apps pose a security risk in a BYOD world

Social media apps put corporate networks at risk and provide raw material for deep fakes. Those risks will grow over time as new security threats develop, and there is no way to update the app, according to Michael Covington, vice president of product at Wandera.


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