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DCA Digital Digest: Sophia Bekele DotConnectAfrica Group CEO honored with multiple awards across continents

Sophia Bekele DotConnectAfrica Group Founder and CEO, also of US-based CBSegroup was honored with multiple awards across continents.

Sophia Bekele was honored with the Silicon Valley’s Women of Influence (WOI) Award and the CEO Today Africa Awards. READ HERE »

2.Google Play Protect detects only 31% of Android stalkerware – Atlas VPN

Data presented by the Atlas VPN research team reveals that Android’s internal Google Play Protect service detects only 31% of stalkerware threats. Android users who depend on native software to fight against spyware should reconsider the protection effectiveness. READ MORE »



3.Google soon won’t let you sign in on very old Android devices

If your device is running Android 2.3.7 or older, you won’t be able to sign in to your Google account on that device. READ MORE »






4. Teenage girls in northern Nigeria ‘open their minds’ with robotics.

Teenage girls in the northern Nigerian city of Kano are learning robotics, computing and other STEM subjects as part of an innovative project that challenges local views of what girls should be doing in a socially conservative Muslim society. READ MORE »


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