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DCA Digital Digest: The 4th Industrial revolution: Where is Africa so far?

The fourth industrial revolution has begun. Will vast amounts of data, emerging digital marketplaces and advanced robotics in Africa revolutionize our lives or instigate revolutions?

Source: CNBC

2. Wanna Cry ransomware affects over 150 countries, Africa least hit

The list of African countries affected by the WannaCry ransomware includes, but is not limited to, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Egypt, Mozambique, Tanzania, Niger, Morocco and Tunisia. This shows Africa was least hit in the aftermath of a global ransomware attack.
Source: Domaining Africa

3. Africa leads in creating resilient women entrepreneurs – Mastercard Index

A massive cyber-attack that locks files in a computer until the owner pays ransom that has been infecting computers around the world has found its way in Kenya. Most at risk are those using computers running on old Windows operating systems especially Windows XP.
Source: BizTech Africa

4. Egypt plans new controls on social media

The Egyptian government is considering radical new proposals to restrict citizens’ access to social media. A draft bill circulated in Egyptian newspapers requires users to register with the government to access sites including Twitter and Facebook.
Source: CNN

5. Infrastructure development key to unlock Africa’s potential

According to the World Bank, 620 million Africans lack electricity while poor technological capabilities remain a major constraint to Africa’s efforts to achieve sustainable development. What needs to be done to fix this?
Source: CNBC





6. Cheap Smartphones Push Up Data Usage in Uganda

Uganda’s internet users have increased over the last five years as availability of cheap internet-enabled smartphones deepened penetration of data services
Source: AllAfrica

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