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DCA Digital Digest: The great reskill: Is Africa ready to train the future workforce of the world?

1. The great reskill: Is Africa ready to train the future workforce of the world?

There is a revolution looming and the future for Africa’s workforce is one of two very different possibilities. This revolution could provide profitable opportunities for early-adopter entrepreneurs who join the collaborative effort to change the world’s current labour force into one that is relevant and adequately skilled. Or it could leave the approximately 830 million youth of Africa (the predicted number by 2050 according to United Nations Development Programme) in the digital dark – part of a new excluded and disadvantaged non-digital cohort in the future of work.

2. Is mobile money the future of cash and voucher assistance?

Utilising mobile money for cash and voucher assistance will not be feasible everywhere, and it’s essential to assess the enabling environment to understand the amount of time and investment that will be needed at each of the four stages below (broad connectivity, financial infrastructure, aware and registered populations, regular users) in order to leverage this delivery modality for CVA.





3. The Rapid Growth of Digital Business in Africa

One message stands out: digital technologies allow forward-looking businesses to recast Africa’s challenges as an opportunity to innovate and address massive unmet demand. We estimate that private consumption in Africa rose from $860 billion in 2008 to $1.4 trillion in 2015 — significantly higher than that of India, which has a similar population size. We forecast that it could reach $2.1 trillion by 2025. Yet Africa’s consumers are still woefully underserved: there are sixty thousand people per formal retail outlet in Africa, compared with just four hundred people per store in the United States.

4. Tech giants take on mobile operators in local data market

A fresh race to bring broadband connectivity to the millions of people in Africa excluded from the Internet is heating up between giant technology companies and local mobile network operators with potentially big wins for consumers.

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