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DCA Digital Digest: The most exciting innovations from CES 2022

This year CES 2022 showcased mind-blowing innovations. From Colour-changing cars at the press of a button, speakers and remotes that never need to be charged, and lightbulbs that can track your health vitals: these are just some of our favorite pieces of future technology that were revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022. READ HERE »

2. DCA Group and affiliates Partnership with DHL and Bolt.

The year started on a high note for DotConnectAfrica. In January, DCA Group and GEDA Kenya signed a trade partnership deal with global logistics provider DHL and Bolt courier services. READ MORE»











3. Lessons from Saudi on use of Tech to spur economic growth.

Amid the Arabian desert dust, government support has seen Saudi Arabia rise to command a stake in the regional tech ecosystem. In the continued fight for billions of the digital economy of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now leapfrogging some of its biggest hurdles. READ MORE » 


4. Miss.Africa Digital Seed Fund Application Deadline Extended.

Miss.Africa Digital is excited to announce an extension of the application deadline for their CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR MISS. AFRICA SEED-FUND IMPACT PROGRAM.

They have extended the application deadline to March 15th due to an overwhelming response. READ MORE »









5. The Egyptian High-Tech New Administrative Capital.

Egypt is getting ready for a New Administrative Capital on the outskirts of Cairo. The Smart City is expected to set new standards for utilising modern technology to improve quality of life. Its design means residents will have 24-hour access to public WiFi and use smart cards to make payments and lock/unlock their doors. Additionally, the city will have up to 3,000 electric vehicle charging stations to encourage citizens to use electric cars instead of diesel ones. READ MORE »



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