DCA in Atlanta Georga – City of Olympics, CNN, CocaCola & the Legendary Hon. Andew Young

DotConnectAfrica visited Atlanta – Home of the Olympics, CNN, CocaCola and the legendary Hon. Amb. Andrew Young – and now host to the 2010 Leon Sullivan Foundation, yet another legendary figure. A dynamic and vibrant city, Atlanta perhaps houses the largest African Diaspora in the US. Its also home to the late Dr. Martin Luther King and the prestigious Morehouse college.

Certainly a great city for DCA to continue its campaign to build partnership, develop its constituencies and raise awareness for the .africa initiative.

“One can imagine ““, ““, “” and ““, that already have a home in the African continent. Let us not forget “” or ““; how many Africans have their heroes also as African Americans?. It was an eye raising experience, certainly an unforgettable event, said Executive Director of DCA, Ms. Sophia Bekele, as she discussed and introduced the “dotafrica” name to attendees.

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