DotConnectAfrica Contributes to the Agenda 2063 of the Africa Union

DotConnectAfrica has contributed to the ambitious future roadmap whose vision for Africa is that of “An Integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena”.

DotConnectAfrica is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization that has its base of operation in Nairobi, Kenya and headquartered in I/F River Court 6th Denis Street Port Louis, Mauritius, Africa,is a millennial organization that has the African Vision embedded in its inception and looks to create a continental domain and registry that will not only revolutionize but also create a platform that will nurture all other facets of African socio-economic development.

In this regard, DotConnectAfrica (DCA) has been spearheading the proposed new Top Level Domain (TLD) .africa (DotAfrica) Initiative since 2006.   DotAfrica is one of the new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) that will be delegated into the root zone of the Internet Domain Name Structure (DNS) by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a US-based institution that is at the apex of Global Internet Governance.

According to the Agenda 2063 Vision and Priorities website, the main elements of “Agenda 2063” at the operational level are/will be outlined. At its heart, this new roadmap, emphasizes the importance to success of rekindling the passion for Pan-Africanism, a sense of unity, self-reliance, integration and solidarity that was a highlight of the triumphs of the 20th century.

DotConnectAfrica has in its agenda initiatives that are aimed at creating a connected Africa.DCA understands that the youth and women are the greatest assets of any organization or community and as such the most formidable way to catalyze growth is to partner to increase ICT’s expertise and reach to these groups.

DCA intends to utilize surplus proceeds from the registry operation accruing to the Trust Fund for Charitable projects.   Funds will be regularly allocated to different corporate social responsibility programs.  Specific projects will be identified, and supported. Such programs will include The program is a gender-focused initiative targeted mainly at female youth audiences in Africa to increase their personal involvement in early technology use and adoption with a view to improving their digital self-awareness and empowerment, and overall self-esteem and is a youth focused program launched by DCA to empower a new generation of Internet users in Africa using its theme.

DotConnectAfrica has in the past participated with several global and Continental organizations to front the amazing ability of internet technology to bridge the digital divide and as such believes that the synergy with organizations such as the Africa Union, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa UNECA), and International and regional organizations such as the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and (ICANN), The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), The Internet Society (ISOC), Internationalized Domain Resolution Union (IDRU) will create best practices that will spur Africa’s tech future.

The link for the contribution here , PDF

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