DotConnectAfrica Contributes to ITU’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2019

The International Telecommunication Union Council launched a public consultation process on the development of a new ITU Strategic Plan for 2016-2019, which will be approved at ITU’s next Plenipotentiary Conference, to be held in Busan, Korea, in October 2014. DotConnectAfrica has in support of the multi stakeholder approach contributed the strategic plan in response to the call.

DotConnectAfrica Trust is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organization that is based in Port Louis, Mauritius (Reg ID. CT8710DCA90) with its registry operations located in Nairobi, Kenya. Its main charitable objects are: (a) for the advancement of education in information technology to the African society; and (b) in connection with (a) to provide the African society with a continental Internet domain name to have access to Internet services for the people of Africa as a purpose beneficial to the public in general.

The ITU Council Working Group for the Elaboration of the Draft Strategic Plan and the draft Financial Plan for the Union for 2016-2019 is mandated to develop a coordinated draft of this strategic plan. To do this well, it is vitally important to consider everyone’s opinions, ideas and proposals on where ITU should prioritize its efforts in the post-2015 era.

According to the ITU, “This public consultation is a great opportunity for all voices to be heard, and demonstrates ITU’s openness, transparency and inclusiveness in its planning processes. ITU – with its commitment to connecting the world – continues to help to bring everyone online, ensuring that the global communications infrastructure runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and enabling everybody to access the benefits of ICTs and assisting in mitigating new risks.”

In 11 July 2012, the ITU Council decided that the Draft of the future ITRS be made publicly accessible for an open consultation process, where all stakeholders could express their views and opinions on the content of the Draft of the future ITRs or any other matter related to WCIT. DotConnectAfrica as a concerned stakeholder in the ICT sector of the African continent submitted several recommendations to that effect. DCA’s contribution has been published at ITU’s Public Views and Opinions page.

DotConnectAfrica strongly believes in the engagement of all stakeholders in the preparation of the ITU 2016-2019 Strategic Plan. Other similar significant contributions by DotConnectAfrica include the New SmartAfrica Manifesto to Accelerate Socio-Economic Development. , Agenda 2063 of the Africa Union and Draft African Union Convention on the Establishment of A Credible Legal Framework For Cyber Security In Africa October 2013

See link to the contribution here

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