DotConnectAfrica Tedbits: US House Representative Hearing on New gTLDs Keeping the yes2dotafrica Campaign alive

“Politicians think of the next election, DCA thinks of the next generation”


Announcing the birth of generation, The East African, 2010

The Dotafrica Generation soon to be born, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 2010

Heralding the Birth of the DotAfrica Generation, Ethiopian Reporter, 2010

Pregnant with DotAfrica, KASS FM, Kenya, 2011

Internet industry policy updates, policy trends, tips and news: Here is a quick  summary:

ICANNICANN: Update: New gTLD Oversight Hearing[more]

AFRICAAFRICA: A New Class of Consumer Grows in Africa[more]

Industry: Domain Name Registrations Reach 209.8 Million, 2.2 Percent Increase over 2010 Q4 [more]

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