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DotConnectAfrica Trust Official Public Comments for the ICANN Evaluation Panel on the Application Submitted by UNIFORUM ZA Central Registry for the .Africa Generic Top-Level Domain Name


Pursuant to Section (‘Comment Period’) of the new gTLD Applicant’s Guidebook that allows public comments to be posted on any submitted application during the Application Comment Period, DCA Trust had reviewed the public portions of the application for .AFRICA submitted by UniForum ZA Central Registry (Application ID: 1-1243-89583) and formally submitted certain comments on the posted application materials of UniForum during the public comments period of the new gTLD Program Time-Table.

It is anticipated that these comments will be made available to the ICANN Evaluation Panels performing the Initial Evaluation Reviews, and would be noted, verified and analyzed with a view to disqualifying or failing the UniForum application for .AFRICA gTLD string name.

We believe that it is our duty to bring these important information and issues to the attention of the ICANN Evaluation and that our comments will be taken into thorough consideration during the evaluation process because we rightly believe that the UniForum application fails to meet the criteria of the new gTLD program established by the guidebook in many important respects.

The various public comments relate to different subjects, and can be assessed via these links below.

(1)Background Screening /Legal

Manifest inconsistencies – Mission & Purpose  Click here to read more

Oversight Role to Illegitimate Entity  Click here to read more

Crooked Legal & Executive Responsibility Click here to read more


(2) Geographic Name Evaluation Panel/ Endorsement

The issues of UNIFORUM Endorsement Click here to read more

AU Discouraged Competition for.Africa

Click here to read more

Not an African Community Application  Click here to read more

AU DotAfrica Taskforce Violated Ethics Click here to read more


(3)Legal Rights

AU Cannot Re-designate Registry Function

Click here to read more

Illegal Contract between AU and UNIFORUM

Click here to read more

AU Cannot appoint Registry Operator

Click here to read more


(4) Financial Capability

Understated Registry COI Amount (comment 1of2) Click here to read more

COI Not Enough for Critical Registry Function (2of2)

Click here to read more

On Unit Selling Price of Domain Names

Click here to read more

Possible Conflict in Business Model

Click here to read more


DCA Trust has endeavoured to submit the above public Comments in a prescribed manner. The pieces of evidence that we have presented are based on our assessment of the published parts of UniForum’s application which we have cited in this document, coupled with other pubic communication and documents such as official Communiqué released by the African Union Commission or the AU RFP document that was publicly circulated. (see also below)

We therefore look forward to the actions that will be undertaken by the ICANN Evaluation against UniForum ZA Central Registry on account of the infractions and other illegitimate actions that they have committed contrary to the new gTLD program of ICANN.

Thank you.

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– AUC Letter of Appointment

– AUC dotAFrica Communique

– AUC RFP for the Operation of Dot Africa

– AUC dotafrica RFP

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