The Justification for our “NO” Campaigns

Based on recent feedback we received from you,  we are again compelled to communicate the purposes of our ‘No Campaigns’ for the benefit of our supporters within the Pan-African constituency and global Internet publics who have been following the DotAfrica issue.

Our ‘No Campaign’ is a deliberate effort targeted at those who have been attempting to undermine the Yes2DotAfirca Campaign.  Furthermore, the ‘No Campaigns’ have also help to shed more light on the opaque activities and shifting tactics of our detractors that might not be readily transparent to those who have been following the DotAfrica debate.  We therefore believe there is no need to confuse our ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Campaigns, and would like to again clarify DCA’s involvement in the ‘No Campaigns’ as follows:

  • The ‘No Campaign’, is an obverse to the “Yes2dotAfrica Campaign”
  • When we started this journey we did not foresee the adverse effect on our work by the’naysayers’ and our detractors who, if left unchecked would torpedo the DotAfrica dream.
  • After winning the pivotal AU endorsement, the willful sabotage of our efforts foisted an ‘underground cold war’ of attrition on DCA, thus forcing DCA to fight in self-defense and respond to issues where it is either a named party or as a sidelined interlocutor
  • These issues include but not limited to misrepresentation of DCA’s mission and purpose, its principals and stakeholder communitiesmisinformation to the public on the implementation of DotAfrica and its merit, and efforts to counter mass media manipulation.
  • The ‘No Campaigns’ also help to expose the acts of illegality, and other conflicting interests of the detractors of DCA, and show that they are not suited to lead, or be engaged in the DotAfrica project.
  • These ‘No Campaigns” are an unfortunate burden that we have to now bear to ensure that our ‘Yes Campaign’ to DotAfrica is sustained with a view to achieving the results that this initiative requires to succeed.

Therefore, we urge our supporters to continue to bear with us regarding the ‘No Campaigns‘ which remain justified on the basis of their high efficacy.

We have already clarified our Yes and No Campaigns few months back in July 2011 , see link here:

Our work is by no means over, and we shall continue to do the needful to consolidate past gains whilst pushing for further successes until we reach the Promised Land!

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Full Press Release–We-clarified—Why-our–NO–Campaigns-.html?soid=1102516344150&aid=RFZ6s8G6VSM

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