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Making the Internet a safer place

As our world becomes more dependent on critical digital services, the industry has become more aware of the importance of going the extra mile to help make the Internet a better place to be. Cyber attacks are becoming more and more common, finding their way into the headlines every couple of months.

Defense against cyber-attacks does not depend on static knowledge that can only protect against a certain set of vulnerabilities rather it evolves together with the operation of the networked infrastructure.

Cyber incidents where attackers encrypt the victim’s data and subsequently ask for a ransom to decrypt it are becoming increasingly popular. Security is a crucial issue on the Internet, and it is probably the most significant challenge for the IoT.

Another hot spot in local connected environments is geared toward Cybercrime. It is important to make responsible use of the network, taking into account the implementation of preventive measures, response, and mitigation of attacks, especially in business ecosystems.

With the role of safeguarding beyond systems and data, and moving towards the protection of processes and people, the world will be more secure. Worldwide, more than 347 thousand 222 stories are produced every minute in photography apps, more than 41 million 666 thousand 667 chats are sent in messaging services and more than one million 388 thousand 889 people make voice and or video calls.

The Internet industry has a vested interest in making sure that the Internet is a place that people can trust, a place where all stakeholders in both society and business feel safe to be and interact. You are required to make the internet a safer place by;
1. Keeping yourself safe, set privacy and security settings on web services, apps, and devices to your comfort level. You do not have to share everything with everyone.

2. Using complex passwords or passphrases, and don’t reuse the same password or variations of a simple phrase.

3. Organizations can also start using LastPass software for software security purposes.

Better yet, enable two-factor authentication or two-step verification whenever possible. Join Dotconnectafrica today and start your Digital Transformation with us.

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