A Successful Yes2dotAfrica Campaign at the ICANN-42 Meeting in Dakar, Senegal!

Dakar hosted another historic ICANN meeting, following the formal approval of the new generic Top Level Domains Program by the ICANN Board during the “ICANN Oscars” in Singapore in June 2011, in particular for Africa

The ICANN-42 International Meeting was held recently at Dakar, Senegal. DotConnectAfrica (DCA) was a major participant and silver-level sponsor of the event that was attended by the global ICANN and African Internet Community.

The international meeting was hosted by the Government of the Republic of Senegal and facilitated by the Ministry of Telecommunications of Senegal.

Sophia Bekele Executive Director DCA Trust Dakar SenegalThe ICANN meeting therefore attracted very high-level Segenalese Government interest and was attended by the Head of State and President of the Republic, H.E. Monsieur Abdoulaye Wade, and the Minister of Telecommunications, H.E. Monsieur Moustapha Guirassy who led the government ministerial delegation.


DCA had displayed an important exhibition of its Yes2DotAfrica Campaign and used it to further communicate its DotAfrica vision to visitors of the Exhibition and other delegations that attended the meeting.  It was a successful meeting that focused positive attentions on the Yes2DotAfrica Campaign, and full media focus was provided by the Agence de Presse Senegalese – a prominent government-owned national newspaper that covered the main personalities  who played key roles at the event such as the ICANN CEO, AfriNIC CEO, Executive Director of DotConnectAfrica, President Wade of Senegal and ICT Minister Moustapha Guirassy..  The Senegalese Minister responsible for information technology and telecommunications played a commendable role in ensuring a successful meeting. DCA is pleased to present the highlights of the Dakar Coverage and share this with its Pan-African constituency.

42nd ICANN: Dakar has enabled Africa to integrate Internet Governance
28/10/2011 13:46 GMT
Dakar, 28 October (APS) – The holding of the 42nd meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Monday to Friday in Dakar, allowed Africa to mark its presence in this organization for of Internet governance, said President and CEO of the platform “Afrinic” Adiel Akpologan.
Knowledge of the needs of Africa, one of the reasons for the success of the 42nd ICANN
10/27/2011 10:27 p.m. GMT
Dakar, 27 October (APS) – One of the success of the 42nd meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in Dakar (23-28 October) is that we know a little more needs of African countries in terms of Internet governance, with the adoption of an agenda by the African Ministers responsible for ICT, said Thomas Schneider, a member of the Office of Communication of the Swiss Federation.
Internet: Africa will develop its first domain name in January
26/10/2011 10:35 p.m. GMT
Dakar, 26 October (APS) The African continent will develop, in January 2012, its first domain name (. Africa) with root server and all the elements that go into the configuration of the domain names in Africa, said the director Executive of company Internet governance DotConnectAfrica, Sophia Bekele.
Governance and the Internet: African countries agree on a calendar (Minister)
25/10/2011 22:16 GMT
Dakar, 25 October (APS) – African countries have succeeded on Tuesday in the 42-th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), to establish, for the first time, an agenda in terms of Internet governenace, said Minister Moustapha, Minister of Communication and Telecommunication, responsible for Information technology and Communication.
Two million users follow the live ICANN meeting in Dakar
25/10/2011 21:19 GMT
Dakar, 25 October (APS) – The 42nd meeting of
the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has the world capital of Dakar internet with two millions of people worldwide live below the work around the world (23-28 October), said the Senegalese Minster Moustapha Guirassy.
ICANN will launch in January the system of domain name for the generic (Chair)
24/10/2011 17:23 GMT
Dakar, 24 October (APS) – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will launch in January the system of domain name top level for generic (gTLD), announced on Monday in Dakar, the President Rod Beckstrom.
42nd ICANN: Dakar expected to reduce the digital divide
24/10/2011 15:07 GMT
Dakar, 24 October (APS) – Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade expressed hope Monday to see the 42nd meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in Dakar, leading to bridge the digital divide between Africa and the North.

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