Thank you for being there with us in 2020!


Thank you for being there with us in 2020!

Thank you for being there with us in 2020!

As the year comes to a close, I would like to express my gratitude for your continued trust and loyalty to DotConnectAfrica Group!

Whilst we’ve all faced unprecedented challenges this year that we never imagined, these times have underscored the importance of relationships and connectivity, humanity and kindness and strength and resilience.

Let us start with the BREAKING news in December 2020 – The Corona Virus Vaccine Trumps everything else.

January 1, 2020 marked the beginning of a brand-new decade that we and many others looked at with optimism and as a chance at a new lease on life.

Our optimism was however short-lived after a stretch of bad events quickly threw our world and our lives into complete chaos and turmoil. In particular, the early stages of the COVID-19 global pandemic quickly brought humanity and the global economy that affects us all to its knees.

How does DCA tackle the issue in the 2020 crisis?

We were wildly active during these trying times and forged the gratitude track, as we were alive to contribute. The challenge motivated us to even worked tirelessly to sustain, strengthen, and celebrate our global community from a distance. In making sure Africa’s voice is not left behind during such pandemic and lockdown measures, we focused to find solutions to the most affected sectors and their existing problems.

As a result, we developed and launched various innovative initiatives, programs and campaigns.

Early during the hit of the pandemic, DCA ran a highly successful Essay Writing Competition across Africa under the hashtag campaign #stayathomeandbecreative, to motivate students to be active during the government-mandated lockdowns.

Our pioneering 10-year women-in-tech program brought together our seed-fund award program winners, Ambassadors and Girl leaders to virtually celebrate our 5th Year Seed-Fund Award anniversary alongside the International Girls in ICT Day via a web forum.

To buttress our Women Empowerment Program, we also launched two other initiatives, FemPower Forum, a digital community networking portal to allow our members and participants to network and have access to capacity building support, advisory and market linkages across Africa. We also launched an accompanying FEMPower Newsletter to share and disseminate relevant information as well as highlight the powerful voices of these women and girls.

In a desperate urge to connect, share and speak out, which was created by the necessity of the 2020 lock-down, we also launched a hashtag campaign #YourSayYourPart, which became our 2020 signature project under a DCA WebForum. This public virtual video forum allowed us to connect and engage with high level global Senior and Executives to collectively bring their wisdom and experience and share their voices, concerns and hopes about Africa and the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The conversations we prioritized included the seriously impacted sectors of SME, Human Rights, and Women In Finance.

Finally, as you are aware, championing for IoTs is at the heart of DCA. This year we adopted a growth strategy and we have regrouped, reorganized, recruited resources and refocused our DCA’s service offerings to launching various types of web-related services to help clients on their digital transformation journey.

As we close this year 2020, we can only marvel at how far we have come and the many strides we have made amidst a pandemic.

We are truly grateful to you for journeying with us. While the year 2020 flew by, you are one of our most highly valued supporters and followers, and it has been a sincere pleasure being with you this year.

As I take stock of the year that has been, I realize we could have had it so much worse and we should be grateful to be alive to share our stories. Therefore, although our holidays may be different due to the pandemic, one thing will remain unchanged – a spirit of thanks and gratitude.

On behalf of the DotConnectAfrica family, I wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season and a turn of the new year. We’re in this together and we will get through this together

See you all in 2021!

With Gratitude,

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