“The Illegitimate ‘African Agenda’ for Dakar: Say No to the ARC and the Illegal Cabal Supporting It!”

The ICANN 42nd Meeting will be taking place in Dakar Senegal from 23rd to 28th October 20 11.      As Africans, we are indeed happy that such an August event will be taking place in an African country at this particular point in time.

However, it has also come to our knowledge that an ‘African Ministerial Round-Table’ is being organized from the 19th to 21st October 2011 that will generate an ‘African Agenda’ as a resolution that will be presented as an input to the official ICANN 42 Meeting.

African Masquerade -dotafrica3a
The Dakar “Africa Agenda” Masquerade

According to the published objectives of the ‘African Ministerial Round-Table available on the ICANN42Dakar Senegal web site – (which is quite separate from the official ICANN42 web site – -for the Senegal meeting), this rather extra-ordinary meeting will:

  • Upgrade the African ministers, regulators and other decision makers on issues and
    policy implications of the current governance of the Internet at ICANN (new gTLDs, IDN, GAC Reform, etc.)
  • Provide a platform for efficient and effective discussion among experts from a wide range if specific topics and the various initiatives for the development of the Internet in our region – Africa Dot, AfriNIC, AfNOG, AfTLD, etc.

On face value therefore, the meeting is expected to provide a forum for experts to discuss management issues of critical Internet resources by ICANN and pass resolutions on current issues as a harmonized African position on new gTLDs.

Amongst the list of “experts”  that have been included in the official programme include both Monsieur Makane Faye (UN-ECA), and Monsieur Moctar Yedali (AU Commission) who shall be speaking on African Internet governance and DotAfrica respectively;  and Monsieur Katim Touray who will present the results of the Summit of Developing countries in ICANN; whilst Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou will make a presentation of the new gTLD programme; and finally, an unnamed individual who will be presenting the ‘CRA (ARC) approach for DotAfrica’,  after which the resolutions for the African Agenda ICANN will be presented and a discussion of the resulting agenda for adoption.


Exposing the Diabolical Aims of the ‘African Agenda’

and Unethical Activities of Pierre Dandjinou

1) But what exactly is the ‘African Agenda’?

Messrs. Makane Faye and Moctar Yedali both represent the UNECA and AU, and the official views, and roles of these two organizations in Pan-African ICT issues as they relate to Internet Governance and development are published agenda of these organizations. What is actually quite worrying about this extra-ordinary meeting of experts that will take place in Dakar and is expected to produce and pass a resolution on an ‘African Agenda’ is the role being played by Mr. Pierre Dandjinou and the nexus that has been established between Monsieur Dandjinou and the newly formed African Registry Consortium (ARC) with an avowed diabolical intention of hijacking DotAfrica.

2) The “African Agenda ICANN”:

DCA has long suspected that the illegal Cabal that has all along had designs on hijacking DotAfrica either by hook or crooked means would try to use the ICANN 42 Dakar Meeting in Senegal to foster an illegitimate agenda for their benefit.   DCA’s suspicions have now been confirmed by this ‘African Agenda ICANN‘ that is now the objective of this so-called ‘meeting of experts’, which is expected to produce, by a process of imposition on a gullible African public, an illegitimate agenda that has been contrived for the sole benefit of ARC.

strange bed-fellows dotafrica,orgFirst, it is well-known that Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou was part of the moribund proposal that was conveyed through the web site (See that is registered to his confederate, Dr. Nii Quaynor. DCA has previously exposed and strenuously campaigned against the apparent conflicts of interest in the roles played by Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou as the Chairperson of the AU Task Force on DotAfrica; who, after failing to win an ICANN Board position in 2010, had attempted to use his position to unduly influence the illegal endorsement of DotAfrica to AfTLD, and when that effort also failed, has tried to again use the pedestal of the AU Task Force on DotAfrica to influence another wrongful endorsement for the ARC by the African Union. Again, Pierre Dandjinou is now making a last ditch effort to use an extra-ordinary meeting being convened in Senegal to cause an ‘African Agenda’ to be devised that will facilitate the elusive endorsement for ARC. How very shameful!

3) The Masquerading “President of the gNSO Council”, Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou

benin mask dotafricaThe meeting web site wrongly credits Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou as the President  of the gNSO (generic Names Supporting Organizations) Council of ICANN. See Agenda link here html

This is a grave misrepresentation and falsehood that should be roundly condemned since this has been again contrived to give Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou the official clout that he does not posses. The official list of gNSO Council Chair and members is publicly available on the ICANN web site, and this grave misrepresentation borders on criminality since Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou is not officially affiliated nor accredited in any capacity to ICANN at this time. (See

Accordingly, DCA believes that such deliberate and embarrassing misrepresentation is aimed at ‘puffing-up his credentials’ at an important gathering so as to give Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou the unlawful room to thereby assist him to ‘midwife’ an illegitimate agenda on behalf of a diabolical cohort.

Pierre Dandjinou is not the appropriate personality to speak on the new gTLD programme. A more transparent approach would have been for the organizers to ask the ICANN Vice-President for new gTLDs programme to speak to Africans on this important topic.


The African Ministerial Round-Table and

the ‘African Agenda’ will Lack Broad LegitimacyMinisterial Round-table Dakar

1) The Divided African Internet Community:

The African Ministerial Round-Table now has problems of legitimacy. This has already engendered widespread skepticism and divisions within the African Internet Community. For example, no role has been provided in the programme for the African Top Level Domains Organization (AfTLD).  One would expect that any discussion of this magnitude should involve the AfTLD which presumably represents the African ccTLDs, but instead, a speaking role was found for the ARC an upstart organization that has been established to foster an opportunistic business plan based on ‘greedy-needy’ monetary instincts for its owners and shameless quislings like Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou.

ARC Strange bed fellows

2) The illegitimacy of ARC:

The ARC has no legitimacy and no community following nor key endorsment that gives it the credibility to present its ‘approach on DotAfrica’ at any African Ministerial Round Table.

It is interesting to note that the ARC was not even formed or legally established at the time the African Union Commission called for Expressions of Interests (EOI) on DotAfrica in May 2011. People only started hearing of the ARC in June 2011 after the entire programme of the new gTLDs programme had been ratified and approved by the ICANN Board at the Singapore Meeting. Therefore, against the backdrop that the ARC has made zero contribution to the proposal of the DotAfrica Initiative, and has not campaigned or actively promoted it in any way, how come the ARC is now being given a quasi-official recognition to present its ‘approach on DotAfricaat a Senegal Government-supported event? What is the rationale behind this?

It is rather obvious this extra-ordinary meeting has been solely contrived to give ARC an opportunity to win the support of the African Ministerial Round-Table in the name of an African Agenda. Is this fair?

Why are other known prospective applicants for DotAfrica not being given an opportunity to present the DotAfrica Initiative? Why only the ARC? Where is the equal opportunity and balance in all this?

3)The Real Dakar “African Agenda” &  its Modes Operands

The involvement of Pierre Dandjinou and ARC in this ‘African Agenda’ helps to confirm the split within the ‘African Internet Community’: Whereby the AfTLD along with those African ccTLDs who met in Ghana are on one side;  and Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou who is secretly building-up a ‘Francophone-alliance’ for  the ARC are on the other side; and is now trying to use the Senegal meeting to give a sort of endorsement or Vote of Confidence to the ARC – and this will be contained in the meeting report on 20th October, 2011, and presented to the Ministerial meeting for acceptance on the 21st of October as part of the ‘African Agenda’ which will then be presented to ICANN. The dastard intention of the Cabal now includes the endorsement of ARC in the draft report to the African Ministerial Round-table.


The ARC and its cohort within the discredited AU Task Force on DotAfrica is hoping that in the absence of an official endorsement from the African Union Commission they will take such an illegitimate endorsement in the Report of the Ministerial Round Table African Agenda as their ‘endorsement’ to ICANN, and try to tell anyone who cares to listen that they were endorsed by the African Ministerial Round Table. What a delusional and deceptive game plan!

4) The Failed Strategy of ARC:

Again, it is quite evident that the ARC and the Cabal are simply adopting a failed strategy which was previously employed to give a Vote of Confidence to the AfTLD at Ghana with ministerial presence but which led to nowhere. It is now obvious that ARC has been following the DotAfrica issue, including changing their strategy from that of supporting and funding the gTLD application of AfTLD for DotAfrica; and having been spurned and rejected as an inappropriate suitor by the AfTLD, to that of approaching the AU directly so that they will get an illegal supportive endorsement as an outcome of the Dakar meeting. This would explain their uncontrolled cash investments in sponsoring these events, with the hope of ‘cashing-in’, as a way of buying the endorsement.


“The Love of Money is the root of all Evil, and this money game that is being played by the ARC has become a corrupting influence on many on this issue.”

This should now be condemned outright by one and all.

5) The Betrayal of AFTLD

strange bed-fellows aftld

Again, the prospects of the AfTLD has been betrayed and the African ccTLDs have been denied a voice in this extra-ordinary meeting by those like Pierre Dandjinou and his ilk who expect financial rewards by promoting the purely business-driven agenda of ARC, including the potential BEE-scam that this represents. Why should the ARC be given a de facto recognition and relevance that it does not deserve simply because of the financial prospects of a few individuals? Why should this form of corruption be tolerated?


DCA’s Official Position

Regarding the African Ministerial Round-Table

Accordingly, DCA is of the official belief that:

  1. The ‘African Agenda ICANN’ in the English, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish languages  should not  contain any endorsement or vote of confidence for the ARC; and that the meeting outcome does not contain any statement on DotAfrica that will be detrimental to the prospects of DCA’s application for DotAfrica.
  2. Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou should stop wilfully misrepresenting himself as the ICANN gNSO Council President to give him undeserved clout that will enable him use the podium to illegitimately carry out a perfidious act to assist the ARC. DCA also hereby calls on ICANN to publicly censure Pierre Dandjinou for this flagrant misrepresentation.
  3. Monsieur Pierre Dandjinou by aligning himself with the ARC either directly or through proxies like Koffi Fabrice Djossou has seriously abused his position as Chair of the AU DotAfrica Task Force, and already lost every iota of credibility; and furthermore, as a member of AfriNIC is not qualified to be involved in new gTLD matters, since AfriNIC is one of the reserved names, and has no business being involved in the new gTLD programme.
  4. The people that supported the original intention of ARC seeking an expression of interest to support AfTLD’s bid, are now the same people insisting that ARC should approach the AU directly and are still planning to use the aegis of the ICANN 42 Meeting in Dakar to commit unethical and illegal activities that will simply benefit the ARC. The establishment of the ARC is the cause of the singular betrayal of AfTLD.   The ARC came to deceive/mislead the people: on one hand they claimed to support AfTLD, but in reality have wanted to usurp and supplant AfTLD.  The ARC has no community support, and cannot boast of any broad followership, and as such, the ARC should not be supported since this remains an opportunistic business agenda of a few vested interests.
  5. DCA believes that the ICANN programme for new gTLDs is an independent, transparent process that is already approved, and that a separate “African Agenda” cannot be imposed on it, simply to give a cabal an opportunity to impose their will on a gullible African public and hijack DotAfrica in the process.
  6. DCA therefore calls upon ICANN not to accept any imposition of an illegitimate agenda that has been crafted and labeled as an ‘African Agenda‘ which has been deliberately hatched by an illegal cabal that is hell-bent on hijacking DotAfrica.
  7. DCA would also like to alarm the global ICANN community not to allow, and not to accept an illegitimate agenda to be imposed upon it, especially by a Cabal which wants to use their connections with governmental/intergovernmental bodies to influence ICANN on the DotAfrica new gTLD outcome – since this will pose a serious threat to the multi-stakeholder model of global Internet Governance.
  8. Similar, DCA hereby reiterates its call for African governments and publics not to provide any form of support whatsoever to the ARC since there was no consensus or consultation in establishing the African Registry Consortium.  The illegal scheme of using the auspices of an important gathering like the ICANN 42 Meeting in Dakar to perpetrate the illegitimate agenda of a Cabal masquerading as ‘leaders of the African Internet Community’ should be thoroughly frustrated and not be allowed to prevail.
  9. Furthermore, DCA hereby makes this strong recommendation to policy makers and Internet governance authorities in Africa to shy away from ARC and reject its overtures in order not to suffer embarrassment like the Ghanaian Minister of Communications who unwisely did the bidding of Dr.  Nii Quaynor and supported the AfTLD and giving it a Vote of Confidence and writing unsolicited letters to ICANN only for AfTLD’s DotAfrica hopes for DotAfrica to now falter.
  10. Finally, DCA also predicts that those who are using the ICANN 42 Meeting in Dakar to organize an African Ministerial Round Table that will give under-served support to the ARC and try to impose such as an ‘African Agenda’ on ICANN and Africans will also fail woefully.

Indeed the DAKAR Masquerade

African Agenda” – is the illegitimate Hi-Jack  of DotAfrica by the Cabal & should not be supported!


The .africa endorsement should not be for purchase by Business Opportunists and BEE Scammers!




Say “NO” to Dakar “African Agenda” & ARC  here...–African-Agenda–for-Dakar–Say-No-to-the-ARC-and-the-Illegal-Cabal-Supporting-It–.html?soid=1102516344150&aid=C-caFL2T4lw

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