UK Media Upper Reach, covers DotConnectAfrica in ICT Kenya!

On a Country report covered by Upper Reach, http://www.upper-reach.com/about, a media Partner to the prestigious The Times of London, DotConnectAfrica and its work on “.africa” was covered as one of the companies highlighting the importance of the internet in Africa and quoted DCA’s Executive Director as below.

Innovation sparks ICT growth in net usage in Kenya

Bekele with PS Ndemo of kenya

Sophia Bekele with PS Dr. Bitange Ndemo, ICT Ministry Kenya ,sharing the .africa project at the DotConnectAfrica stand during AITEC Summit

Pioneering ingenious mobile phone platforms, expanding internet access and plans to create East Africa’s new high-tech hub just outside Nairobi are making Kenya a nexus of ICT activity.

Internet has grown significantly and is the highest in the region, rising steadily from an estimated 1.65 million users in 2004 to 6.78 million last year” reported Upper reach .


Sophia Bekele, founder and executive director of DotConnectAfrica, a public-private partnership coordinating an initiative to unite Africa’s internet presence through the “.africa” domain, says,“At the moment the internet naming is mainly .com,.org or similar. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) plans to expand this to cover a much wider range of domains allowing more specific identification. “.africa is about bringing Africans together under one identity. This really resonates with Africans because they feel a deep connection to the continent.


Read more… (page 4) http://www.upper-reach.com/pdf/kenya.pdf

Flash version: http://www.upper-reach.com/kenya/

A Thank You Note to Kenya:

DotconnectAfrica takes this opportunity to thank the people of Kenya and the Kenyan government for their open mindedness, generosity and support. This has been provided in all ways possible to make the conception of “.africa” and “generation.africa” a starting place in Kenya. We thank Kenya for its assistance of our endeavors and through demonstrable support.

We have no hesitation in recommending Kenya to any information/media or technology company that wants to tap into the rich vein of talent that is the key to Kenya’s and East Africa’s future prosperity.

God Bless Kenya and Africa!

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