Welcome 2023: A Year of Sustainable Technology

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Welcome 2023: A Year of Sustainable Technology

Greetings of the New Year. Working with you was a pleasure for us. Together, we had a fantastic year in of Technology 2022 and hope to have an even better one in 2023.


Let’s toast yesterday’s accomplishments and tomorrow’s brightest prospects.

There are thousands of stories of invention, innovation, and discovery playing out across the technology industry at this exact moment. Technology has become a crucial part of our society. Without technological advancements, our everyday lives would be drastically different. As technology develops, it strives to fulfill the community’s changing needs.


Over the last two decades, the internet of things (IoTs) has been adopted in industries worldwide. It has matured significantly and has become a mainstream technology instead of being limited to early adopters. The technology is showing no signs of slowing down in terms of innovation.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, and as more businesses become digital, they inherently accumulate more data, which becomes attractive to cyber criminals looking to steal or hold data for ransom. In addition to those risks, the emergence of quantum computing could render existing security systems obsoleteAny organization with sensitive digital data must invest in cybersecurity solutions addressing the quantum computing threat through risk management plans or utilizing quantum computing to reduce the risk.

In 2023, we’ll see more emphasis and structure around regulation, specifically for cryptoThe industry is still predicted to grow in the long term, but with the law comes compliance. Many companies in this industry will hopefully start operating safer, making a safer environment for consumers.

We will move towards achieving the numerous opportunities that the new year 2023 offers.

Here is the summary of DCA’s 2022 highlight of achievements from our Year-In Review Newsletter https://conta.cc/3GKF781


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Our 2023 Tech Forecast

In 2023, a wide range of open-source AI models will drive adoption across enterprises toward the end of the year as many of these models mature and become better understood. These models will likely take a year or two to become easily used, however, and enterprises will need significant help in this transition period.


These are some of our predictions to watch out for:

Our 2023 predictions:

  • Ransomware will become an increasingly severe problem, scams will continue to be a favorite method for cybercriminals, and cybercrime as a business will become even more sophisticated.
  • AI has become increasingly accessible and easy to use; the tech can be harnessed not only by those attempting to create defenses but also for attack purposes.
  • Crypto may also bring consumers a whole host of new categories in 2023.
  • Smart Connectivity and Networks Will lead the New Phase of Digital Transformation.
  • Solutions for the IT skills gap.
  • Rise of AI on the edge
  • The Web3 vision fades into the rear view.
  • The rise of private 5G networks.


Also, read more about what our CEO predicts in tech as Success Pitcher, a US-based Business Magzine covers her career in a 7-page spread and graces her on their January 2023 cover as “10 Most Powerful Women Leaders to follow in 2023 Read here.

What will continue: AI and Machine learning will continue to be huge innovations for the entire industry in the coming years. With AI platforms, such as ChatGPT being available to the general public, it opens up new possibilities and challenges.

What will be challenged: In 2023, consumers, business customers, and investors will increasingly demand sustainable technology and transparency. For example, as more companies re-platform to the cloud, the environmental impact and energy usage can move out of sight. In 2023, any negative environmental impact can no longer be ‘hidden in the cloud.

What will be on the rise: Artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in 2023 with natural language processing and machine learning advancement. need to combat social engineering.

Successes and achievements are all part of life. I wish you tremendous success in the year ahead.

Remember to always put your best foot forward.

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Welcome 2023: A Year of Sustainable Technology:pray:

Sophia Bekele,

Group CEO, DotConnectAfrica


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