Why 5G is the way forward in Africa

Why 5G is the way forward in Africa?

Chris Green, our Chief Editor had a conversation with Sanjeev Verma, CEO of Squire Technologies. Based on the south coast of England Squire Technologies has spent over two decades providing core network signaling solutions to CSPs and operators all over the world.

Their specialty is delivering converged signaling solutions that enable operators to manage their signaling data across multi-generation networks. Their experience in Online Charging, Fraud Prevention, and deploying LTE networks in Africa provide them with a unique insight into the challenges faced by regional operators as the industry develops at pace.

During our conversation, we discussed how 5G is going to affect the average mobile users In Africa and is this a cost-effective solution to connect the unconnected 50% of the continent (approx. 600 million people) where 3 out of 5 people live in rural areas.

Ultimately without the average revenue per user operators simply won’t see a return and risk greater debt. We think that focussing on connecting those remaining 600 million potential customers will ultimately underpin continued economic growth in the region and lay the foundations for 5G when the subscriber base has matured.

Sanjeev Verma, CEO, Squire Technologies

Sanjeev shared the lessons Squire Technologies learned from deploying their solutions, putting a highlight on the fact that it’s crucial for operators to stick to the basics, do not forget their bottom line, being the return on their investments.

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