Africa is a Source for Top Tech Talent. Find out Why.

DCA Digital Digest

DCA Digital Digest: Africa is a Source for Top Tech Talent. Find out Why

Africa is experiencing trans-formative impact as a result of technology.  From rural Ghana where low income earners are able to buy insurance policies through their mobile phones to the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, where residents are able to send and receive money through their mobile phones, technology has become the order of the day in the continent.

2. Africa Science Week  to re-calibrate innovation in Kenya

NEF Africa Science Week in Nairobi, Kenya  will raise public awareness on the importance of science and technology targeting school age kids, general public, gatekeepers are most targeted.

3. Are data prices a barrier to financial inclusion in Africa?

In Africa, banking the unbanked remains a pressing need. With the digital revolution, discussions on the issue beg the same question, time and again: why aren’t traditional banks offering mobile solutions to potential customers who desperately need it?
Source>> IT News Africa


4. Kenya’s Place In The Digital Future Of Africa

Africa can boast several emerging and upcoming digital markets, none more so than Kenya.  Webcertain TV look into the ways in which the country is moving forward in the digital world, whilst also examining what tech initiatives are making a difference there and answering the question ‘what does Kenya’s digital future mean for Africa as a whole
Source>> WebCertain TV



5. No, Africa is not lacking talented scientists. We’re just not investing in them

In a time when the research powerhouse of the United States is questioning its investments in science, it is a visionary move for African scientists to step forward & fend off the negative theme that threatens this positive conversation: the pervasive lament that Africa produces too few scientists.
Source>> Quartz Africa

6. World faces second major ransomware attack

Just like WannaCry, Petya spreads rapidly through networks that use Microsoft Windows. Once attacked by the Ransomware one is asked to pay $300 bitcoins to have access to their computers.
Source>> CIO EA



7. Seven things to know about data Center deployment in Africa

A strong network of Data Centers allows organisations to deliver the other core pillars of  IT: networks, servers and software. Yet the chronic lack of datacentres means the majority of African data is stored outside the continent.
Source>> IDG Connect

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