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DCA DIGITAL DIGEST: Check Point’s Latest Cyber-Attack Index Includes Five Countries In Africa

African nations continue to top the list of countries prone to cyber-attacks, says Check Point. Zambia has the highest risk profile, with Nigeria in second position. Uganda, Malawi and South African are ranked 7th, 8th and 9th respectively.

2. Rwanda reaps fruits of Technological & economic reform

Rwanda’s drive for private sector investment to transform its smallholder agricultural economy into a regional hub for financial services, ICT and tourism is finally starting to bear fruit.

3. African Countries With The Most Tech Hubs Ranked

For many years Africa has been called the “dark continent” due to the rate of development of many countries. This perception is changing quickly, with hundreds of technology innovation hubs, who are creating cutting-edge technology products making the rest of the world sit up and take notice.


4.Who can spy on you? What are your rights?

Spying is usually seen as something that belongs to movies but in South Africa it appears to be impacting ordinary citizens. Who is allowed to spy on whom?

5. Bridging the Gender DivideBridging the Gender Divide

From automation to the rise of flexible work, the shifting employment landscape will carry important gender implications. What approaches hold the greatest potential to make gender parity a real


6. Kenya’s mobile internet beats the United States for speed

Kenya has the world’s 14th-fastest mobile internet speed, according to a report from the content delivery network Akamai, which collects data from more 130 countries.

7. Madagascar’s ICT infrastructure to expand

Pan-African telecommunications service provider, Internet Solutions, has deployed the company’s first Point of Presence (PoP) in Madagascar. The company is expanding their footprint and has commissioned a second PoP in Zambia.

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