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DCA Digital Digest: Africa Tech to compete with Apple?

1. A Tech entrepreneur from Benin designed a smartwatch and laptop poised to compete with Apple.

Imagine an African smartwatch produced in the Republic of Benin! It has the very same basic functionalities as an Apple Watch or a Samsung Smartwatch. And besides being water-resistant and helping to monitor your heart rate, this smartwatch can also help you to find your phone when it’s lost/missing. READ MORE» 

2. Watch our 6th WebForum Virtual Conversation on Breaking Gender Bias Through Tech.

Watch now this insightful conversation that was held virtually by DotConnectAfrica Group in conjunction with Fempower during the International Women’s Month Celebration on a timely topic of Breaking Gender bias through Technology, young leaders’ perspective. The conversation addressed

  1. Women should embrace one another in order to boost each other’s confidence,
  2. We need to create more awareness through various platforms like the forum so as to educate people on what it means to work in the tech industry
  3. Women should merge and collaborate with each other, that way they will be able to uplift, invest and build other even through Startups.
  4. Organizations should focus on job creation,I.e Capacity building. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE »



3. How Africa’s tech sector can thrive

Almost $5 billion (€4.8 billion) was raised by African start-ups in 2021. Of this, 62 percent of funding went to fintech companies, digital payments, and other finance-related solutions, according to research company Briter Bridges

While Africa is thriving in the fintech sector, it is only through a digital transformation that the continent could catch up with other nations. To achieve this, Africa will need to address its skills shortage.

Despite Africa boasting a young population, more education is needed to address a skills shortage. READ MORE »

4. Three things to consider when deploying data protection to your small business

Small businesses are the backbone of every growing economy, bringing growth and innovation to the communities in which they are established.

However, these businesses are often vulnerable when conforming to the new standards of remote work.

If you are looking for a new and intelligent backup solution to replace your existing system, you’ll want to make sure it supports these three key functions: Centralized Management, Smart backup technology, and Meeting your security budget & requirementsREAD MORE »

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